Professional threading class

In the state of Colorado, threading is not regulated by any state or federal agency. Therefore anyone can be an eyebrow sculptor! We are setting a higher standard for the art of threading!

Threading class FAQ's

Why learn facial threading? 

  • Threading is one of the oldest hair removal methods known in history. 
  • Compared to waxing, threading is safe for all skin types and is a wonderful alternative for those with wax allergies or taking medications that are contraindicated to waxing like accutane, retinols, recently resurfaced skin, or photo-synthesizers
  • It is extremely profitable, easily making over $45/hr after taxes.
  • No skin is removed and is less irritating.
  • Can prevent hyperpigmentation that can be caused by  waxing.
  • Threading pulls the hair from the root as like tweezing.

What method of threading do you teach?

  • The figure 8 method, the most sanitary practice

What is the potential earning?

  • Roughly $45/hr and that's not including tips!
Service Service time Cost of Service
Eyebrow 15 min. $15
Lip/chin/sides 15 min $15
Full Face 30 min $30
TOTAL 60 min $60
Profit $ Profit after taxes
$60/hr $45/hr

What do I learn in the class?

This 8 hour comprehensive threading class will cover:

  •  Infection control practices.
  •  Eyebrow shapes according to bone structure.
  •  Practice with supervision.
  • Threading techniques on all facial areas.
  • Learn how to be an eyebrow expert. 
  • Sanitation, safety and technique are the main focus.
  • Business etiquette and time management.

*After class you will be required to email or text 10 before and after's. Once they are approved you will receive your certificate in the mail.

What is included in the kit?

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Carrying bag
  • Bella Facial Thread
    • Coated with aloe vera
    • Anti-fungal
    • Anti-bacterial
How do I know I am getting a good education?
  • Virginia Brewster created this facial threading class to ensure threading professionals would have a well rounded education that is not provided anywhere else in the state of Colorado. She is was a full-time esthetician educator and MUD makeup artist instructor at The Salon Professional Academy and has a passion for teaching. Read the reviews and testimonials on our homepage.
How many people are in a class?

No more than 2


Dates are flexible and will be determined based upon students and educator availability. 

$400 total, deposit of $200 is due upon signup. Remainder of total is due the day of class. 

Lunch is provided, please contact us with any dietary needs.

Extra day of practice can be added for an additional $150. 

Call 719.453-5145 or email: