What is Threading?

It is one of the oldest hair removal methods next to sugaring, that originated in the Middle East

How does it work?

The hair is removed with 100% cotton thread using a method that can be compared to tweezing multiple hairs at once

is eyebrow/facial threading better than waxing?

Waxing damages your skin and causes pre-mature aging due to the loss of elastin and collagen. Threading is extremely accurate and more precise compared to waxing especially when shaping the brows. Waxing is quick and will eventually damage the root of the hairs and cause them to stop growing back.

does it hurt?

Not anymore than waxing, although some people are more sensitive than others. It also depends on the experience of the threader.Beauty is pain ladies ;)

"Virginia is amazing, my daughter had her eyebrows done before, cried and said it was the most painful thing ever. She had her whole face done, and said it did not hurt with Virginia." -Donna R

The work of Brow Artist, Amber Merritt